My name is Dalida Innes, I was born in a small village south of France. Seventeen years ago I migrated to Sydney, I traveled around the world, saw and met wonderful people.
With a passion for acting and photography, it made perfect sense to me to merge both, I find through the eyes of an actor and people, I can capture the essence of their soul.
Observing people everywhere is one thing I am passionate about beside wildlife. I could tell you the story of each of them just by looking at them so let me tell your story.
Today I am offering to make your portrait using studio light, get a nice portrait of yourself for your personal use or your work.
Please feel free to fill the form below.
   Semi finalist, Highly recommended Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 
   Selected finalist for Nat Geo Travel Photographer of the Year Contest
 Awarded in Monochrome Photography Awards 2015:
     3rd Prize Wildlife Category
 Awarded in Monochrome Photography Awards 2015:
   Honorable Mention in Amateur Wildlife Category.
 ND Awards: Neutral Density photography award 2015:
    Honorable Mention in Nature: Wildlife Category
 Awarded picture of the year 2014 on people’s choice. Published on the
 book Mono for limited edition.
 This picture and story has been published as well as The Times and Daily record
  newspapers and all other media worldwide.
Thank you!

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